Sooka Sentral
KL Central, Malaysia, 2008

Sooka Sentral, the latest concept mall in KL, hosts a stylish fitness club on floor 5 and 6. In the centre of this truly amazing place stands a climbable sculpture featuring 6 auto-belays. The art piece offers mainly easy faces for the recreational climber. Our friends from Camp5 have trained the wall facilitators and will conduct special courses for the gym members.

“The more you try to imitate
real rock, the more you limit
the possibilities.”

Outdoors – on earth’s mountains, crags and boulders – are the moves that inspire us, the essence of our sport. Real rock offers no limits.

Within the compressed world of an artificial climbing wall, however, imitating natural rock ultimately creates boundaries.

Understanding that the outdoors cannot be replicated, we regard indoor climbing a discipline of its own. Our walls are constantly evolving. The BLOCX creative process continues tirelessly as we keep pushing..